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Baton Rouge Real Estate Agent Success Tips Video: What Does World Class Look Like! – Baton Rouge Real Estate Agent Success Tips Video: What Does World Class Look Like! In this video, Broker John C. Jones talks to a local business coach, Coach Mike Burt, about the process of growth from being mediocre in whatever we choose to do and be in life to being our very best in that endeavor and in life.

john c jones on real estate agent tips


Notice that John C. Jones is clearly on his way to becoming his market’s “Trust Agent” via blog and his host of helpful videos online!

Notice too that John is using video to communicate his message to a local and national audience that tunes in each week.

Notice too that John, a real estate broker, varies his topics and local guest “TO ADD VALUE” to his audience….it’s not always about him, him, him or me, me, me each week!

John’s focus is his local community and he interviews those within that local community to bring value to others tuning in and to those that will eventually tune in. John has 102 videos on Viddler you can watch here:

If you want to grow your agent blog readership, do what John C. Jones is doing and incorporate your local community into your blog by either video, video interviews or text interviews. Just Do It! I live off the success coach Mike Litman’s philosophy, “You Don’t Have To Get It Right, You Just Have To Get It Going!”. My Baton Rouge Appraisal Blog isn’t perfect, but it’s working and providing value to locals….so much so that a local publication called me yesterday for my opinion on the local housing market and I receive “ask the appraiser” questions from my blog – community interaction.



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