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Louisiana Chinese Drywall Ruling Sets Legal Standard At A Little Over $80 Square Foot

Louisiana Chinese Drywall Ruling Sets Legal Standard At A Little Over $80 Square Foot.

The link to entire article is here: Snippets of the article are below.

chinese drywallNEW ORLEANS, LA (WWL) – A Mandeville couple said it was “a huge sense of relief” after a judge ruled in their favor in a landmark Chinese drywall case.

Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Eldon Fallon ruled for Tatum and Charlene Hernandez in their suit against Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, or KPT. Knauf is a German company that manufactured the toxic drywall in China, which has now contaminated the Hernandez’s home off Highway 59 between Mandeville and Abita Springs.

Judge Fallon awarded the Hernandez family $164,000 plus attorney’s costs, which continue to mount. That money is to cover the cost of ripping out the walls and replacing damaged wiring and appliances.

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“Because of the Hernandez family,” attorney Russ Herman added, “we now know what you’re entitled to.”

The ruling set the legal standard at a little over $80 a square foot. Attorneys representing the Hernandez family said at a press conference Wednesday, they believe that number can be applied to others with Chinese drywall.

“We believe that this is a solid decision and could be and should be predictably and reliably applied to other properties,” attorney Steve Herman said.

The question now, when will the Hernandez family get the money they need to re-mediate their home? For now, they are living in the home with their two small children. “This drywall manufactured by KPT has stolen so much from us, and we’re just dealing with it the best that we can,” Tatum Hernandez said.

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    • Tom Horn
    • 04/29/2010

    Maybe this will set the standard and more people can move forward to collect what they are due. I know a lot of people around Birmingham, Alabama have had a hard time with Chinese drywall.

  1. Thank You, Tom! You’re So Right! I know a local doctor friend with a $600,000 home that had to move out of his home for 3 months while the remediation took place. Personally knowing someone affected by this experience has shed a little more light on this situation for me. Bill

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