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Baton Rouge Real Estate Appraiser Infographic Video

Baton Rouge Real Estate Appraiser Infographic Video Housing Comparison from May 2011 versus May 2012. This Baton Rouge Real Estate infographic was presented on June 13, 2012. Baton Rouge REALTORS® are very pleased with the housing market comeback of 2012, despite home prices still being down.

Detailed information on the stats that created this infographic are found at AND YOU CAN VIEW THIS INFOGRAPHIC IN A LARGER VIEW HERE:

Baton Rouge Real Estate Infographic: Housing Market May 2011 vs May 2012


Baton Rouge Real Estate Infographic Housing Market May 2011 vs May 2012


East Baton Rouge Home Sales May 2011 vs May 2012: Solds Up 25%, Pendings Up 37%, Median Sold Price Down 3%, Months Supply of Inventory Down 38%, For Sale Properties by Month Down 10%.

Median Sold Price by Month
May-11 vs. May-12: The median sold price is down 3%

Sold Properties by Month
May-11 vs. May-12: The number of sold properties is up 25%……….

Video URL: http://youtu.be/-q-n3WTmFh8

NOTE: This represents ALL GBRMLS Areas in East Baton Rouge for ALL properties and property types. Based on information from the Greater Baton Rouge Association of REALTORS®\MLS for the period of 05/01/2011 to 06/04/2012. This information was extracted on 06/05/2012.

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