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Divorce Home Appraisals Baton Rouge

Divorce Home Appraisals Baton Rouge

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It’s not a situation where a Drive-By Appraisal can be performed accurately because there was a large addition completed that may or may not technically be living area.

It looks like the wife is going to have to request the Sheriff’s Office accompany me and her and her Attorney to the home for the full inspection.

This process began 3 weeks ago now.

This has occured before on another divorce appraisal and it’s not a situation I really wish to repeat, especially if the husband is hostile.

The Appraisal That Hasn’t Happened Yet!

Recently, a local Baton Rouge REALTORĀ® referred a couple
going through a divorce to me for the Divorce Home Appraisals Baton Rouge.

You see, the husband still lives in the home and wife does not.

The husband has not at all been cooperative on allowing me to inspect the home so I can complete the full appraisal and the wife can settle with the husband.

I was very thankful for the referral and both the Agent and myself are now frustrated with the process.

There are several questions about the value and only a full inspection will be satisfactory to both parties and their Attorneys.

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