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Baton Rouge Real Estate: When Buying An Existing Home, Choose 3 Full Baths Over 2.5 Baths

Baton Rouge Real Estate: When Buying An Existing Home For A Family With 3 Or More Children, Choose 3 Full Baths Over 2.5 Baths

This video and sketch is from an actual home I appraised in 2012, location of home not provided other than to state it’s located in Greater Baton Rouge.

EXISTING HOME TIP: If you can afford to, buy a 3 full bath home over only a 2.5 bathroom home. Families grow up and need more space, especially when teenage daughters begin taking over the bathroom causing hostilities between sisters and brothers.

AGING PARENTS TIP: Yes, the U.S. population is aging. The cost of a nursing home is several thousand dollars per month leaving some aging parents to simply move into your home. If your home has 3 full bathrooms, then you’ll be much better equipped to handle their needs.

NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION TIP: If Building a new home and can afford to, most definitely choose a 3 bathroom floor plan over only a limiting 2.5 bath floor plan. And, the cost of simply converting a half bath into a full bath 10 years later will make your eyeballs pop out from sticker shock. 

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