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Which Comes First the REATLOR® or the Lender?

Which Comes First the Realtor or the Lender?

Baton Rouge Real Estate News‘s insight:

Which Comes First the REALTOR® or the Lender?

To this Home Appraiser, based on 21 years in real estate, this is a somewhat biased article stating you should contact a REALTOR® first…..SEE NOTE BELOW.  However, generally, Agents do prefer buyer(s) they’re working with to have a pre-qualificaiton letter from a Lender to determine how much home they are qualified to buy. Without knowing how much home the buyer can buy, Agent and Buyer really don’t have much of a place to begin to work together – to begin seeing homes.  Some Agents won’t even work buyers until they have that Pre-qualification Letter. 

Some Agents or Real Estate Brokers host “First Time Homebuyer” Seminars to help educate first time buyers on the home buying process. Generally in these seminars, there’s the Agent, Lender Rep, Home Inspector, Home Appraiser and Title Company Rep. and you learn what each provides in the buying process.  IF YOU TRUST THE LENDER that speaks, it’s totally your choice if you want to use them. Just be careful and take your time choosing your Lender and don’t allow your Agent’s relationship with a Lender be the only reason you choose that Lender. Do your own research and come to the conclusion yourself on which Lender you choose. 

Bill Cobb, Greater Baton Rouge’s Home Appraiser 



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Which Comes First the Realtor or the Lender?


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