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Lakepark Garden Homes Baton Rouge Be Careful of Pricing

I recently completed a Baton Rouge refinance home appraisal in Lakepark Garden Homes. Lakepark Garden Homes was developed in 1985 with some homes built, stalled building due to U.S. economic meltdown and resumed new homes in approximately 1992-1994. Homes range from 874sf to 2,373 sq. ft. average size 1357sf. The following is my report on […]

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4 temptations to avoid in cost vs value in Baton Rouge Real Estate

If you spent $50,000 on a 15 ft statue of Yoda in your front yard, do you think you’d get $50,000 back in value? A Star Wars fan might wet his pants and quickly offer a premium for the house,… Sourced through from: 4 temptations to avoid when it comes to cost vs […]

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