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computers questioning appraisers

Baton Rouge Appraiser Frustration Computers Questioning

Fannie Mae CU or Collateral Underwriter can be frustrating to Home Appraisers when their computer models try to second guess Appraiser’s judgment.  Now computer models tell Appraisers the comps they should use instead of Appraiser Judgment For example, this past week, I performed a foreclosure purchase on a home obviously needing some repairs and on […]

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Video: Taking the axe to a foreclosed home in Baton Rouge – Taking out foreclosure frustration with an axe in Baton Rouge I recently performed a foreclosure appraisal within the Greater Baton Rouge housing market where there was more damage than I normally witness – approximately $45,000 in cost-to-cure. The video of the damage is below the page. Possibly the most costly repairs to bring […]

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